"" a division of Carolina Information, Inc. is a full service Screening Company providing services from basic social security verifications to in depth criminal background research. Our clientele ranges from large corporations to individuals ordering secure reports for personal resources. No matter how large or small your business, we will strive to provide the following resources effectively, efficiently, and distinctively:

  • Criminal History Records
    Criminal record history reports are compiled from information obtained through on-site searches and a network of courthouse researchers. All Felony and Misdemeanor Convictions researched.
  • Credit History
    Verification of Name, Address and SSN are provided. Also Profiles the applicant's financial history including bankruptcies, liens, judgments, collections and charge-offs. Mismanagement of personal finances may indicate irresponsibility and security issues.
  • Motor Vehicle Report
    Provides information on license status, class, violations, date of birth and expiration date. In most states DUI and DWI convictions are not listed in the criminal court records.
  • Continual Monitoring of Employee Criminal Activity & Traffic Violations
    Each employees name is entered into a database that searches the daily input of information supplied by North Carolina county clerks. Each day the database is searched for possible matches. Once the database posts a name match, you are notified via e-mail.
  • Federal Criminal Records
    Research Federal Records at the appropriate District Court. Search includes embezzlement, robbery and tax evasion.
  • Education/Employment Screening
    Verification of Education Credentials and Employment Histories, One in Three applicants falsify this information.
  • Nationwide Wants and Warrants
    Verification that an applicant is not wanted for arrest, or any warrants pending for an arrest in other State.
  • Social Security Verifications
    State the social security number was issued along with the year
  • Social Security Validations
    Provides all registered addresses for the individual over the past thirty (30) years